Tennis Programs

Please see the Junior Tennis Class Descriptions handout for information on the objectives of each class. Keep in mind that moving ball colors is not considered a move up or down. Graduated compression (Red, Orange, & Green) balls are designed to fit physical and technical development, not age or skill level. For all levels, private lessons are a valuable supplement to a tennis player’s development. For any player looking to increase their skill and enjoyment on the tennis court, one-on-one instruction is encouraged but not required. 

12-and-Under Tennis:

Please register your child for the class that fits his or her age. If your son or daughter could fit into multiple classes (ex: 10 years old Orange v. Green), please register them for the younger age group--moving to the next ball color will be determined by the tennis professional. 

Having your own racquet is recommended but not necessary. As a guideline, Red Ball uses 19” and 21” racquets, Orange uses 23” and 25” racquets, and Green uses 25” or 26” racquets. If you are unsure which size to go with, please talk to Colan. We do have 25” and 26” racquets available for purchase and have plenty of racquets for you to borrow during class time!

* Total cost is for all classes on the day you select through the session dates. If you register late, you will be prorated for the correct amount. Please note that the price per hour decreases as you sign up for more days per week.

  • Ex: Sign up for Tuesday Orange Ball, pay $84 ($12/hour) and show up for class on Tuesdays. OR, sign up for Tuesday and Thursday, pay $130 ($10/hour) and show up all Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10/15-12/1.

Check back for upcoming sessions.


Please review the tennis Center Policies available on the Tennis & Fitness Center website. There, you will find information regarding lessons makeups, withdrawals and other matters.

The tennis director makes the determination as to which class a student should be in. Classes are designed to best fit the physical and technical development. Moving to a different class is best viewed as a move to the appropriate level not a “move up”.