Adopt a Catch Basin

What are Catch Basins? 

Catch basins are storm sewer inlets that collect water during storm events and are the first step in the stormwater drainage systems. Storm sewer systems are designed to remove water from our developed areas as quick a possible during storms. When storms occur, water and anything else on the streets enters the storm sewer system through the catch basins. Pet waste, oil, litter, and leaves carried in the stormwater is discharged directly into our streams and rivers untreated.

What do Catch Basins do?

Catch basins are typically located next to street curbs or in rear yards of residential areas. They filter out debris such as leaves and litter.  The grids located on top of the catch basins are small enough to prevent large objects from falling into the sewer system, but large enough to ensure that the flow of water is not blocked.

How do you adopt a Catch Basin? 

Residents interested in adopting a catch basin will need to contact the Water Quality Specialist. Residents are required to sign the Adopt a Catch Basin pledge form agreeing to the requirements of the program. In exchange for monitoring the catch basin, residents will receive a complimentary bow rake to assist in the cleaning. Supplies are limited to the first 50 individuals that adopt a catch basin.

What is required for adopting a Catch Basin? 

Citizens that adopt a catch basin will pledge to do the following:

  1. Remove debris from grates: The grates of the catch basins can become clogged with litter or leaves, especially in the spring and fall. Regularly inspect the grate and remove debris.
  2. Ensure regular cleaning: The area under the grate should be cleaned out if debris becomes lodged in the catch basin. Cleaning these storage areas should be performed by City workers. If the catch basin needs cleaning, please call 507-444-4350.
  3. Label the storm drain: Stenciled signs with the stormwater logo and the message that says “No dumping, drains to river” should be painted on one side of the catch basin. The stencil will notify other citizens that nothing but stormwater should enter the storm drains. Contact the Water Quality Specialist to check out a stencil kit.

Keep catch basins clear of snow ice and debris