Patrol Districts

District Assignments

The Owatonna Police Department divides the city into three patrol districts, each with their unique set of issues, concerns, and traffic patterns. Officers, under the direction of their team leaders, are assigned to a specific district for not only patrol duties and calls for service, but to also establish partnerships with members of the community.

Services Provided to Districts

All officers assigned to the individual districts are responsible for “Action Requests” from citizens who call in specific concerns, crime issues, or traffic problems in their neighborhoods. This affords the community the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the officers as well as a vehicle for information sharing between the community and law enforcement.

Specific to traffic initiatives based on citizen concerns from each district, is the use of the speed trailer which monitors and records speeds of passing motorists. This important data is then passed on to citizens as a follow-up to their concerns. It is important for the officers to maintain district integrity as they respond to emergency calls and concerns from citizens.

District Map

Community Policing Districts