Home Fire Safety Tips

Home Fire Safety Starts with You!

Many injuries, death and loss of property can be prevented by mitigating the hazard or by planning for an emergency before it occurs. A home safety audit is an excellent way to identify hazards in your home and make assessments on how well you and your family are prepared for a home emergency. 

A home safety audit gives you an opportunity to eliminate safety problems and make corrections before an emergency occurs. Be proactive and take the time now to plan for safety.

Home Safety Checklist

For a free Home Safety Checklist, please call the Owatonna Fire Department at 507-444-2454 or download the checklist (PDF).

A home safety audit starts by walking through your home and completing an inspection looking specifically at home safety. Look at each major room of your home and learn how to make it safer for every member of your family. We've listed all recommendations for the safety features and equipment each room should ideally contain.