What is a branding strategy?

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not around. In other words, your reputation! Just like people or products, communities have reputations based on all the different experiences people have had with a community. Branding is the process of changing, clarifying, refining or improving that reputation. Effective branding can focus people on the positive differentiators unique to Owatonna. This will help us stand out as a preferred location. It also creates a sense of place and belonging. The stronger and more defined our reputation, the more people will want to live, do business and visit here.


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1. What is a branding strategy?
2. How is a brand different from a logo?
3. What was the process for developing a community-wide brand for Owatonna?
4. Why does the city need a brand?
5. What does the icon in the new logomark represent?
6. When will I start seeing the new brand?
7. Will the new brand replace the City’s seal and coat of arms?
8. Can my business or organization use the new brand?
9. How much did this cost and how was it paid for?