Sidewalk Snow Removal

Snow and ice can be dangerous for all ages, but especially for children, the elderly and persons with disabilities who are more susceptible to injury. For example, when sidewalks are not cleared of snow and ice, children will often weave in and out of streets and sidewalks on their way to or from school or to and from the bus, which is a safety concern.

Property Owner Responsibility

According to City Ordinance 94.005, property owners, occupant or person in the City of Owatonna are responsible for removing snow and ice from sidewalks surrounding their property. Any accumulated snow and ice must be removed from all city sidewalks within 24 hours from the time the snow ceases to accumulate on the sidewalk. Sidewalks must be cleared of snow the entire width of the concrete.

Property owners who do not adhere to the City of Owatonna snow removal policy will receive a written notice requiring that they remove the snow within the next 24 hours. If snow is removed from sidewalks prior to the expiration of the posted 24-hour notice, no further action will take place. If snow is not removed within the posted 24-hour notice, the City Engineer may have the snow removed. All related costs and an administrative citation will be billed to the property owner for removal of the snow.

Please do not place snow in the street. Piles of snow in the gutter will inhibit drainage resulting in ice buildup in gutters and on sidewalks. Citizens are advised to place all snow from sidewalks and driveways on adjacent landscaped areas.

The City of Owatonna Snow Removal Ordinance is enforced primarily on a complaint received basis. Complaints about uncleared sidewalks can be reported by calling the Public Works office 507-444-4350, emailed to the Public Works Department,, or submitted online using OpenGov.