The Youth Scholarship fund enables youth of Owatonna to fully participate in programs and services offered by the Owatonna Parks, Recreation, & Facilities Department. This fund helps support programs for all of the kids in our school district and Adult Special Recreation Programs.

Youth Scholarship Form - please complete this form prior to registering, registration must be done over the phone or in-person. 

Therapeutic Recreation Scholarship Form  - Please complete this form if you are in need of a Therapeutic Recreation Scholarship. 

Fee Structure

  • Programs $75 and under - Participants pay 40% of the program fee
  • Programs over $75 - Participants pay 50% of the program fee 


You must meet one of the qualifications listed below to be eligible:

  • Recipients or Qualify for Educational Assistance 
  • Recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Benefits
  • Recipients of Medical Assistance Program
  • Other

You must show proof of verification of one of the qualifications.

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