Bioretention Facilities


Bioretention is a practice to manage and treat stormwater runoff by using a conditioned planting soil bed and planting materials to filter runoff stored within a shallow depression.


The system can include the following components: 

  • A bioretention planting area
  • An overflow outlet structure
  • A pretreatment filter strip of grass area
  • A shallow surface water ponding area
  • A soil zone
  • An under drain system


Bioretention facilities can be distributed across a development site which can result in smaller, more manageable stormwater management, and thus, helping control runoff close to the source where it is generated.

Bioretention Garden


Bioretention facilities capture rainwater runoff to be filtered through a prepared soil medium.
Once the soil medium reaches capacity, stormwater begins to pool at the surface of the planting soil.

Bioretention diagram