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Citizen Input and Feedback

  1. 1. Contact Information
  2. 2. How familiar are you with the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit and Program?
  3. 3. How would you rank the communities attitude towards and awareness of current water quality regulations and environmental initiatives in comparison to 10 years ago?
  4. Level of Awareness
  5. General Attitude
  6. 4. Which of the following pollutant source(s) do you feel have a potential to impact water quality within our community?
  7. Commercial and Industrial Runoff
  8. Construction Site Runoff
  9. Landscaping - Pesticide, Herbicides, Fertilizer Applications, etc.
  10. Animal and Pet Waste
  11. General Trash and Debris
  12. Yard Waste - Grass Clippings, Leaves, Branches, Weeds, etc.
  13. Residential / Household Runoff - Detergents, Paint, Washwater, Grease, Sand Salt, etc.
  14. Vehicles and Equipment - Oil, Grease, Antifreeze, etc.
  15. General Erosion
  16. Public Operations - Sanding, Salting, Road Maintenance, etc.
  17. Agricultural Runoff
  18. 5. Which of the following Public Participation and Involvement Program(s) are you most interested in?
  19. 6. In your experiences, which medium is the best way(s) to effectively reach the general public in Owatonna?
  20. Website
  21. Printed Material (brochures, pamphlets, guidance documents, etc.)
  22. Owatonna Today Show Airings and Commercials
  23. OPU Utility Bill Insert
  24. City Spot Newsletter
  25. Newspaper Articles
  26. Facebook
  27. Twitter
  28. Booth (Fair, Trade Shows, Conferences)
  29. 7. Please rate the quality of the communities environment, natural systems, and overall image.
  30. Owatonna's lakes, rivers, and streams
  31. Owatonna's park and forest areas
  32. Owatonna's industrial areas
  33. Owatonna's commercial areas
  34. Owatonna's green space
  35. Owatonna's green infrastructure
  36. Owatonna's agricultural areas
  37. Owatonna's downtown area
  38. 8. Which of the following activities do you typically do that could help water quality? (select all that apply)
  39. 9. Which MS4 Program Minimum Control Measures do you feel the City can improve upon, if any?
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