Straight River Clean Up

Straight River

One of the great natural resources that the City of Owatonna can be proud of is the Straight River. As the chief tributary of the Cannon River, the Straight River is an important and scenic river in its own right. It originates in southern Steele County at Oak Glen Lake near Bixby and flows northward through Steele County into southern Rice County, passing through the cities of Owatonna and Medford, to its mouth at the Cannon River in Faribault.

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Cannon River Watershed Partnership

The City of Owatonna is very fortunate to have the support of the Cannon River Watershed Partnership (CRWP) in making great strides at improving the Straight River and Maple Creek. With the help of CRWP and 300 volunteers, over 9 tons of trash and debris has been removed from the watershed. The event takes place each year on the third Saturday in September. 

Save the Date - 14th Annual Watershed Wide Clean-up on 9/17/2022

For over a decade, volunteers have combed the stream banks and waterways around Owatonna with the goal of cleaning trash and debris from the Straight River.  With every passing year, more and more garbage is removed by hard working individuals and businesses who are dedicated to making a difference. This is the largest one-day clean-up event in Minnesota with over 200 volunteers working in 8 locations across the Cannon River Watershed.  

The 14th Annual Watershed Wide Clean-up will take place in Owatonna on September 17th from 9am to 12 noon at Morehouse Park.  The event is hosted by the Clean River Partners, who helps to find sponsors and coordinate the clean-up event.  

Volunteers can sign up by visiting: