Plumbing permits are required for: 

  • New plumbing (drain and waste piping and water lines)
  • Any new connections to the potable water system
  • Yard irrigation systems (connections to potable water supply and backflow prevention)
  • House sprinkler systems
  • Water heaters (gas, electric, tankless (instantaneous) and all manufactured home water heaters)
  • Water heat recovery systems
  • New plumbing fixtures (beyond fixture replacement/ maintenance)
  • Water sanitization (new construction and remodeling/additions)


Inspections include:

  • Backflow prevention
  • Final inspections
  • Fire-stopping at floor and ceiling lines and wall plates
  • Glues and primers/couplings
  • Joints and fittings
  • Notching and boring of wood
  • Pipe protection
  • Pipe sizing
  • Plumbing materials
  • Slopes and pipe supports
  • Venting

Plumbing Permit Applications

Owatonna Plumbing Permit Application
Owatonna Water Heater Permit Application

City of Owatonna Licensing Requirements for Plumbers


Potable Water Disinfection Certification
Water Heater Installation Certificate
Please provide a completed Potable Water Disinfection Certification and Water Heater Installation Certificate to the city inspector at the time of the final plumbing inspection or email to
Mechanical Ventilation and Combustion Air Calculations-Instructions and Example
Mechanical Ventilation and Combustion Air Form

Construction Guidelines